Monday, March 22, 2010

In The Kitchen: Lebanese

I love to be in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon! Especially when I have a helper.

On the menu was hummus and homemade pita bread. I have made hummus before, but the pita bread was a first. It was actually pretty easy, and was delicious!!

I love the smell of yeast and dough rising. It reminds me of being little and mama making her delicious yeast rolls or cinnamon rolls.

The final product. I had images of Zarife sitting on the dirt, outside with the cast iron dome over an open fire making her bread. We have a home video of that somewhere, I would love to see it.

While Sophie and I were in the kitchen, Maddie was doing a little of this

and a little of that

I realized that I don't have many family Lebanese recipes written down. My goal is to compile them and make a Lebanese cookbook for our generation, so we can continue to pass them down.

You can find the recipe I used here for the pita bread.


blahood said...

Precious baby angel girls! Future cooks of family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Recipe for a wonderful God and His Son with all your heart. soul, snd mind.Then love one another! Love Sophie and Maddie to pieces!

lauralahood said...

I am impressed! I love Lebanese food but I never make anything! You have inspired me to do better and start teaching Aubrey now!