Friday, March 12, 2010

Talking With a Two Year Old

I was sitting at the breakfast table with Sophie and this was our conversation:

Sophie: Mama, your knees are hurting.
Me: No, they are all better. Jesus made them feel better.
Sophie: I love my Jesus.
Me: I love your Jesus too.
Sophie: No mama. You love your God.

I was floored! When I called to tell mama about it, she pointed out something I had not realized. Sophie is already showing so much compassion and concern. I started running about six weeks ago and had some trouble with my knees. I was upset, because I had really gotten into the groove and was very motivated about my running schedule. We prayed over my knees, I took a week off, and the next time I ran they did not give me one bit of trouble!!

Sophie is almost 2 1/2 and I can not get enough of her. She is talking in complete sentences, and so curious. I love to watch her learn and grow.

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lauralahood said...

What a sweet, sweet girl that Sophie is. She is already like her Mama. You do a wonderful job, Becky!