Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the Kitchen: Spaghetti Sauce Pizza

The girls and I met Sally at the Bike shop this morning to purchase our road bikes for the sprint tri we are training for.  I am sure the guy who helped us is still laughing at how much we don't know about bikes and triathlons!  He was very helpful and we should have our bikes next week.  I was so glad we got out this morning to do it, because as soon as we got home it started raining, and it looks like it is going to set in for a while.  Perfect napping weather for the girls!

As I was pulling out leftovers for lunch I realized I had all the ingredients for spaghetti sauce pizza!
Growing up, my mama would always make this for us the day after we had spaghetti.  Mabry was home for lunch and he asked me what I was eating.  I thought everybody knew what spaghetti sauce pizza was!  I told him it reminded me of being a little girl.  He hugged me and asked me if I was homesick.  I use that word a lot describing how I feel.  I don't  mean it literally, because I am  in fact home.  I just mean, heart sick to be away from the hard things of life.  To be a little girl sheltered from the world.  I realized that  having spaghetti sauce pizza for luch kind of made me feel "warm and fuzzy".

This was just the thing I needed to lift my spirits!  It seems like every time I turn around there is bad news.  Tragic and sad news.  Nothing that has directly affected my family, but my heart is heavy.  It makes me long for a time when I was too young to know about "adult" things.  I realize that these things happened then I was just sheltered from it.  It's funny how something so simple and easy as an old recipe my mama used to make can stir up such emotion.  Sweet thoughts of being a little girl, the smell of my parents house, and the sound of somebody always kicking the kitchen island as we were lined up at the bar eating our spaghetti sauce pizza.  I hope that one day my girls will remember things like this, the little things, and it will make them smile on a rainy day!

Here is what you do to make it:
Take a piece of bread and toast it.  Then spoon spaghetti sauce on the bread and top it with shredded cheese. Next, place it under the broiler until the cheese is nice and melted!  Delicious.

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blahood said...

Making me smile and feel 'homesick' too. :o)
Homesick for the days when you all were little and getting spaghetti sauce all over your faces.Remember the bibs we each had? LOL!You are making wonderful family memories with your baby girl angels.
I love you Rooney,