Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day with the Smith's

Mabry's parents went to St. George Island for the weekend, so we did not see them until Sunday night.  Jack and Gini hosted us at their house for a wonderful supper.  We grilled flank steak, roasted potatoes and celebration salad.  I made a key lime cake that was delicious!  Thank you Ashley for the recipe!!
Mabry and the girls wearing their pink Masters shirts that Layton bought them.
Sophie worked so hard helping Gini make the Celebration Salad.
Sophie with her Den Den.  We are so fortunate to live so close to our families.  Sophie and Maddie are surrounded by people who love them.
This is my awesome Mother's day gift from Mabry and the girls.  Pretty fancy!  I did not realize what goes into buying a road bike.  We had to be measured and fitted for the bike, and given a lesson in how to ride it and change a tire in the event of a "blow out".  We (Sally and I) even have a red flashing light on the back to we are more visible on the road.  The training gets serious now for the sprint-tri!
And finally, guess who said "mama" for the first time on Mother's day?  Miss Maddie!!  She is also sitting up so good and loving all her new fruits and veggies she is eating. 

I loved my Mother's Day weekend.  I am grateful for both my mama and Mabry's mama! 

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