Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Horton Hears a Who

Our movie theatre offers morning movies during the summer for $1.00, and coke and popcorn for $1.50.  Sophie and I were over due for a special date, just the two of us!  Mimi came over to play with Maddie, and Sophie and I headed to the movies.  The first time I took her to the movies was last summer.  I was pregnant with Maddie, and all she wanted to do was play on the nasty floor eating the candy off the floor instead of out of the box.  That was a little premature on my part by taking her then.  On top of the health hazard of eating off the floor, she did take a nap that day because of all the sugar!  I remember it vividly.  This summer was a little different.  We luckily picked the theatre that was not very crowded.  There were only two other families in there, so Sophie had plenty of room to move around if she got restless.  She did great for the most part.  She munched on popcorn and enjoyed her Sprite until the last drop.  Towards the end of the movie she wanted to walk around a little bit, and I figured it would be fine since the other people in the movie were about her age.  The movie was actually pretty funny.  It amazes me how they can make a movie to entertain a two year old and an adult. 

After the movie we picked Mimi and Maddie up and headed to Rodeo.  One of my favorite treats is Mexican food.  Sophie dined on cheese dip, and mama and I had a quesadilla.  It was a great morning with my favorite two year old!  I am learning that it is important that she get some one-on-one time with me.  As much as she loves her sister, the alone time with her is so special.

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