Sunday, June 6, 2010

A List (Because I can't thing of a better title)

We have been all over the place that last couple of weeks, and there is no better way than to make a random list to record our "exciting" history!

Family Fun in Fernandina

John and Crystal were at the beach for the week, and we decided to join them for the latter portion of the week. The girls and I drove down on Wednesday, and Mabry followed on Thursday. When we got there, Sophie was very aware of where George was at all times. The truth is, she has a little crush on him. He is about eleven years older than her, and when we are around him she is very shy, but when we are away from him she always asks where he is and what he is doing. When I mention to her that we are going to see George, she tells me she is going to close her eyes!
We had a blast.  Lots of splashing in the pool and digging in the sand.  I taught Sophie how to make a drip castle.  I can remember my daddy making drip castles for us, and it never seemed like we could ever make them as good as he did it!   
I offered to keep the kids at the house so that John and Crystal could go out to eat, and they took me up on the offer.  As they were about to leave, Mabry called me to tell me that his truck had broken down on the way to the beach.  While we waited to hear back from him to see if he needed me to come get him, John and Crystal decided not to go eat because it was getting a little late.  Thank goodness, an off duty police officer picked Mabry up and helped him fill his truck with water and he was able to get back on the road.
Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups
I saw this recipe and I was waiting on an opportunity to make them.  I had a bunch of strawberries left over from bible study and I needed to use them before they went bad.  Sophie loved helping me.  I washed the berries and cut the stems off, and then she would throw them into the blender (taking a bite out of them before actually putting them in there).  They tasted just like the fruit roll-ups that I used to eat when I was little.  Fruit roll-ups were never my favorite snack, but I figured it would be something sweet for Sophie and Mabry to eat with out a lot of sugar and preservatives. 
New Patio
This is what our patio looked like this week when the crew pulled up all the old brick to smooth out the ground.  Their work time was cut short due to all the rain we got this weekend, so I don't have a picture of the completed patio.  Hopefully this week it will be finished.  It is going to be beautiful!  I am so proud of Mabry and what a good job he has done with our yard.  I know we will have many hours of family time on this patio and our yard.
Swimming Lessons
Sophie had swimming lessons this week with Coach Tucker.  I did not know Coach Tucker, but he came highly recommended so we took a chance on him.  The first morning Sophie was standing at the kitchen door holding her towel ready to go to "Coach Tucker" to swim!  Little did she know what was waiting for her.  She was in the pool for 45 minutes with Coach, Henry and Brown.  She screamed for me to come get her as she floated on the "bar".  Every now and then she would say through her tears, "I'm doing it mama".  It was precious, pitiful, and remarkable all at the same time.  I was so proud of her for being brave, and she actually floated across the pool on her back while he guided her.  By the end of the week Henry and Brown were swimming!  Sally and I also started our swim training this week.  We were graciously offered a pool to go over and swim where the distance was marked out for us.  On Saturday afternoon, we headed over to the pool and swam 17 laps.  I don't ever remember a time that I got into a pool for the purpose of swimming.  I get in the pool to cool off or play with the kids!  This swimming was hard work.  My arms felt like jello after it was over.  Thankfully, I do not have a picture of us :-)


Laura said...

Can I please have that fruit roll-up recipe? That sounds great.

The pictures of the girls at the beach are precious! Sophie is growing up so fast!

I am so proud of you and Sally and all that you are doing with training. I just started "running" last week and it is hard work. However, it feels wonderful to accomplish goals and become more fit! You two are an inspiration!

paige said...

oh goodness, i LOVE those precious babies on the beach...oh my goodness. so cute
hope your fruit roll ups were a hit, they look yummy :)