Monday, July 5, 2010


I was number 159 today for the Valdosta 5K.  This was my second 5K, and I shaved off some time!  The race did not start and end in the same place.  Uncle Charles and I planned to meet early at the end of the race to leave one of our cars there so we would have a way back.  Amanda Perez came and ran with us!  I ran the first mile with no problem, and had to walk/run after that.  I tried to pace myself with this family running beside me, but I kept getting ahead of them and then they would pass me.  Pacing myself seems to be my problem.  Overall, I feel much more confident in my capabilities. 
The girls had been awake for about an hour when I got home.  Miss Maddie pouted for about 30 minutes when I walked in the door.  She refused to smile at me.  At one point she puckered her little lips out like she was trying to frown.  It was hilarious!!  I guess she was mad at me for not being there when she woke up.  She is too young to do this, isn't she?  They grow up too fast. 

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Laura said...

SO proud of you! Maybe next time, I can join in.