Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bambi- (Or In This Case, Bart)

My brother found this baby deer in May.  He is not sure if his mama deserted  him, or if the baby deer just wandered off.  This is not the first baby deer that they have found on the farm.  When George was about Maddie's age (13 years ago!)  they found one, and we have the cutest picture of him with the deer licking his cheek.  Last year, they found a one in June.  She happened to be a girl, so they named her "June".  She followed George around the farm like she was  his pet dog.  It was the most amazing thing!  They kept her in a pin at night and would let her roam around during the day.  When she got a little older, she would go into the woods during the day but she always came back to the house at night to sleep.  Eventually, she did not come back.

This year he found the deer in May.  They wanted to name it "May", but it turns out the deer is a boy.  So, they came up with the name "Bart".  Bart has slept in the bed with George!  We were out at their house over the weekend, and Sophie got to feed the baby deer.  Sophie loves animals.  I can remember always being afraid of them as a little girl.  I think she takes after her Gigi!
While Sophie was outside feeding the deer, Maddie was "playing" with Brown.  He lets her pull his hair.  She thinks it is hilarious, but I think it has to hurt!

Look at how sweet and gentle he is with her! 

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