Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sophie loves syrup.  She asks for syrup or ketchup no matter what she is eating.  I usually don't mind giving it to her, because she ends up eating more vegetables!  There are some things that I refuse to give the sweet or salty condiments.  For example, ketchup on jelly toast or syrup on rice and gravy.  Those are pretty extreme, but she asks for it on everything.  The problem with syrup is she usually eats it for breakfast and it ends up all in her hair.  Which leads to screaming and crying when I try and brush it out so she does not have stringy, greasy hair for the day.  I have tried to be nonchalant about putting in a ponytail before she eats to avoid the mess, but that usually results in some kind of dramatic scene.  It is just too early in the morning to start the day off this way.  So, this morning we discovered the perfect way to keep her hair out of her face and out of the syrup.  The headband!  It works like a charm.  Hair out of the face, check!
Plenty of syrup for eggs, sausage, grits and toast, check!
Absolutely no dramatic outbursts and crying, check!
One happy little girl on a Wednesday morning eating breakfast with her mama, daddy, and baby sister, check!

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