Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Could Be Trouble

The first year we were married I thought Mabry was at the golf course ALL THE TIME!  I would get my feelings hurt, and feel so sorry for myself.  I had this idea that as newlyweds, we would spend every waking moment together!  I would tell him all the time that I wish I loved to do something as much as he loved to play golf.  The idea of playing 6-8 hours of golf on Saturday when it is 100 degrees outside is pure torture to me.  He loves the sport.  He loves to compete in tournaments, and he loves to go to the range and hit balls until the sun goes down.  For the past four and half years, I have said over and over that I was going to find a hobby.

About two years ago I had the idea I was going to make my sisters and mama aprons for Christmas.  If I remember correctly, it was three or four weeks before Christmas when I had this grand idea.  I had never even turned on a sewing machine.  I couldn't even sew on a button.  I enlisted the help of my aunt, and she helped me make the cutest aprons you have ever seen. 
I don't think I made anything else for about a year.  Those aprons did me in for awhile.  I don't think the pattern I chose was for a beginner.  So last year, around Thanksgiving I was browsing one of my favorite blogs.  Darby (I call her by her first name, because I know we would be friends in real life) creates the greatest things.  She has a tutorial for a dish mat, and was making them for Christmas presents.  I thought, I can do this, it is not as involved as the aprons.  So I went to Wal-Mart and bought an inexpensive sewing machine, and a sewing kit that cost about $7.00.  The kit had a pair of scissors, needles, a measuring tape, a thimble, and few other basics.
My obsession was born.  There was no going back.  I fell in love with sewing.  I made a few dish mats, and gave them as gifts.  I also made a jumper for Sophie, and bought extra material to make a Jon-Jon for her baby brother that I was pregnant with, who really turned out to be Miss Maddie ;-)
A couple of projects later, I was finally flying solo.  I can now pretty much sew something from start to finish without asking for help.  If I do need help, I can call mama of Aunt Pam.  The ladies at Sew Blessed are also very helpful.  I made these green corduroy pants and the fun Christmas pants for Sophie to wear this fall.  I am working on some a little shorter for Miss Maddie.
The problem is, I start a project and swear to myself I am not shopping for anymore fabric until I finish it.  But I can't help myself.  I see something I have to have.  This is an outfit for Maddie.  It would probably take me a couple more hours and I would be finished.  Sounds easy, right?  I get bored, and want to move on to something new.
I never thought I would be sewing, but I am really enjoying it.  It is almost like therapy.  To be able to create something in your mind, and actually make it from start to finish feels good.  When I said I wanted a hobby, I did not think it would be this.  Last night, when Mabry came to bed, I told him I might need a nicer sewing machine to really "put me on the map"!  We started laughing!  There might be a nicer machine in my future, but I doubt it will ever cost as much as golf.  I will keep telling myself that, as long as I keep buying fabric on a whim! 


Cindy said...

Oh I so relate! I have cut myself off from buying fabric until I use up everything I have. I have to stay away from Sew Blessed because their stuff is too cute. I still have a lot to learn but I have made a couple outfits for Emma and Brody. I love the idea of making aprons for Christmas, and I could do that if I start now.

Hicks Family said...

I am jealous...I wish I could sew...anything!