Monday, August 23, 2010


We have been talking about ballet lessons for a long time.  We went to Annie's dance recital in April, and ever since then I knew we had to sign Sophie up for the two and three year old class.  She twirls all the time, and she even knows how to do an arabesque (thanks to her Leigh Leigh).  So the big day came last week.

Look at my little ballerina all dressed for her first ballet class.  Sometimes I think I love her so much my heart might explode.  As I expected, it was a little chaotic at the dance studio.  The first week always was when I took ballet growing up.  Every parent, sibling, and grandparent was there to peak through the window and watch with pride their own little ballerina.  Sophie handled the crowd pretty good.  We walked into her classroom and one by one, little girls wearing pink and purple  leotards and skirts started walking in.
Mimi came in and she ran straight to her.  She loved watching everyone as they ran around and played while other girls were being fitted for ballet and tap shoes.
Miss Maddie made herself right at home.  She kept looking at herself in the mirror and tried to climb up on the tumbling mats.
Look at this face.  She was starting to wonder if she really wanted to go through with the actual ballet class.  Talking about it and getting excited at home was one thing.  But actually being there with the other girls was another.  And then the time came for the mama's to leave the room.  The teacher assured us that they would come get us if they needed to, but they like to use what they call the "band aide" method.  Go ahead and rip it off fast.  In other words, leave the room quickly.  I knew it wasn't a good sign when I had to peel Sophie's hand off the door in order to close it.  A few minutes later, they came and got me and I was in the room with her the rest of the time.  She was so afraid I was going to leave her again, that she did not relax the rest of the class.  As soon as we got in the car she said, "That was fun mama.  I'm so proud of me."
We left dancing and went to Chickfila.  Annie's school was having a fundraiser and I knew Sophie would love to see her.
The girls played and then we ate an early supper.  Annie was able to sit with us, and she fed Maddie ice cream!

Precious girls!!


blahood said...

Being at the dance studio transported me back many years ago. We spent hundreds of hours watching Sally and Becky's dance classes, sitting on the front steps with the boys eating snacks and doing homework. I think we ate more than a few suppers on those steps! Wonderful memories! Sophie is the same age her mama started ballet, can't wait to see "pretty toes"! XXOO Mimi

blahood said...

I have THE cutest granddaughters!
I love you all to pieces!