Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shoo Fly!

Mabry was out of town last week on a business trip, and the girls and I were on our own.  The week went surprisingly smooth.  We filled our days with picnics in the park, a morning with NeNe, and early bed times ;)  And I didn't cook one single time.  I could not believe how clean my house stayed all week just because I stayed out of the kitchen.

Sally invited us out to watch Mary Rebecca's riding lesson at "Mr. Joe's".  Look at the gnats swarming Miss Maddie's face!  She didn't seem to mind them. 
Sophie made fast friends with one of the dogs at Mr. Joe's barn.  I am not really an animal person.  It's not that I don't like them, I just don't trust any animal completely.  I am a little skiddish around animals that I don't know.  And when this little dog took a piece of a ham sandwich right out of Maddie's hand I almost hat a heart attack.  As hard as I try, I can't seem to instill the same caution with Sophie when it comes to animals.  She gets this honestly!  She wanted to pet every horse out there.  Just imagine what that makes my heart do, if I am scared of that little dog, to have to approach a horse and pet it.  Heart palpitations.
Now that I am looking at these pictures, this pup looks an awful lot like one of my childhood pets, Patty Cake.  Patty Cake was not as small as this dog, and she had a couple of litters a year.  She was the "popular" girl dog on the farm!  They always seemed to be born on a holiday, and we would get a big cardboard box from the rest home, and go sit in front of Wal-Mart giving away free puppies.  "Free Easter Puppies", or "Free Valentines Puppies". 
Sally and Henry are looking at the exercising machine that Mr. Joe fixed just for Henry.  For weeks, Henry would take his own toolbox so he could help Mr. Joe fix this thing so it would work.  Mr. Joe would tell him every week, "We need to get that thing fixed Henry."  And lo and behold, he called Henry himself to tell him the machine had been fixed, and the next time he came out to the barn he could turn it on.  It looks just like the thing that ponys are tied to at the fair, and they all walk in a circle for a "pony ride".  Henry had the best time turning it on and then running in a circle trying to catch one of the ropes with a hook on it.

He is trying to explain to Sophie exactly what he wants her to do.
But she ran the wrong way, and I held my breath every time a metal hook came within an inch of knocking her out.
Here is the little cowgirl herself riding side by side with a rodeo champion.  Mr. Joe's daughter holds all kinds
of rodeo titles. 
Here is my little cowgirl, sweaty and dirty.


Laura said...

Aww...Patty Cake! I can't count all the times we went up there to give those puppies away! I think the majority of the litters were Bandits. Hard to believe how long ago that has been.
Thanks for reminding me of the old days!
I love you!

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! My sister was a big horse rider when I was younger, I never got into it other than summer camp activity time.