Friday, November 5, 2010

Birthday Girls

I remember when I got a phone call from Leigh telling me she was expecting her second baby.  I screamed on the outside because I was so excited for her.  I screamed on the inside, because I had just discovered I was expecting Miss Maddie, but I had not even told Mabry yet!  A couple days passed and I told our news of a baby on the way, and everybody rejoiced with me.  The very next week, Eleanor called and said she was having a baby, and finallly Anne announced that she was also pregnant.  We were all due within two weeks of each other.  One year later these four girls celebrated together with cupcakes and t-shirts!
Susan, Mary Blake, Ella, and Maddie♥

The girls had fun playing on the floor with blocks and baby dolls.

Beep beep!  Maddie on the go!

Sweet friends

Susan and Ella

Mary Blake, who looks an awful lot like Maddie. 

Four friends, four candles, four cupcakes.  Happy Birthday! 
Looking forward to many more celebrations together!

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