Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Play

This is the Masters weekend, and every year on this weekend Mabry plays in the Green Jacket Tournament at the VCC.  The tournament is in the afternoon, and then they all gather at the host's house to grill and watch part of the Masters.  Mabry and Matthew won this tournament a couple of years ago. 
While he was at the golf course the girls and I had a fun day together.  We spent the morning at Old Navy, and Target buying the perfect birthday present for Mary.  Happy Birthday Mary Rebecca!  We can't believe you are 7!!!

Then we had lunch at Chic-fil-a.  The whole time we were there Sophie kept saying, "thank you so much mama for letting us come inside".  I usually tell her we don't have time and just go through the drive through.  I especially use this excuse on Saturdays, because it is so busy.  It was worth the extra effort to go in today!

After some good naps, we played outside the rest of the afternoon.  We picked up a new box of chalk at Target, and that's what we did the most of.

I love when they play so hard, and their faces get all dirty;-)

It was such a beautiful afternoon, and we were out there for so long that I layed down and enjoyed the breeze!

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Hicks Family said...

Those girls are SO precious!