Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Little Ballerinas

This week marked the beginning of Sophie's third year of ballet and Maddie's first. It took Sophie a good six weeks to not cry when I left her in the room with her teacher. One she got over the ho she was in love with ballet. I thought Maddie would be different. Last year she cried every week she wasn't allowed to go in the big pink room with Sophie. I thought she would walk right in with a smile on her face ready to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider and jump over the ballet shoe.

I should have known when she got as mad as a hornet when I put on her leotard and tights. She looked like a little doll in my opinion, but she screamed at anybody that looked at her.

Ballet was a bust on the first day💔. She cried. She pouted. She stood in the corner by herself, chewing on her beloved puppy dog. It came to a head when she had an accident in the corner and I didn't have any clothes to put on her. I found myself sweating bullets and running down the longest hallway in the universes with a naked, screaming little ballerina. All the while parents and grandparents who were there for the first day of ballet were giving me looks of pity. It was everything I dreamed it would be;)

Sophie, on the other hand, ran to me after her class and was on cloud nine because they were able to do a jazz dance! We had to call Mary immediately to tell her the good news.

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